Rami Fararjeh | رامي فرارجه

Rami Fararja is a Palestinian social activist and filmmaker student who currently lives in Dheisheh refugee camp, Bethlehem. Rami is a senior filmmaker student at Dar Al Kalima University College for Arts and Culture in the Dheisheh refugee camp. He has produced several films during his study at Dar Al Kalima, most of which have to do with the political and social life of the camp in particular and in Palestine at large. Currently, he is working on producing his short film Non-Stop, a fiction film that attempts to break down the notion of capitalism in light of authoritarianism. Together with two of his friends, Rami initiated the Taleed student club, a body that organizes events and social and political awareness activities at Dar Al kalima. Rami has volunteered at local and grassroots organizations in Dheisheh and beyond for several years. Currently, he is volunteering at the Palestinian Youth Action Center for Community development - Laylac- in Dheisheh refugee camp, for which he organizes activities for young people and help with hosting international volunteers. He is also the coordinator of the Media and Communication department, where he produces films and photographs about Laylac and Dheisheh.